With over 20 years of experience, Julia, a spiritual healer, reader and adviser as well as a clairvoyant spiritual consultant and an empath is able to tune into any situation you may be facing
As a child growing up, unusual supernatural events occurred throughout her years, having many visions and seeing people that no one else saw. Knowing things before they occurred,
especially having a deep understanding of feelings within others experiencing an awakening and therefore acquiring Crystal clear wisdom. Along her unique and extraordinary gift,
Psychic Julia can tap into any situation you may be going through, whether it's love, marriage, career, romance, destiny, family issues, bad addiction, bad luck, evil eye, negative influences, depression and so much more.
Julia has solutions to boost your financial life, get you a job promotion, remove bad luck, destroy witchcraft, spiritually cleanse homes and much more.
Julia is delightfully guided to assist you in your quest to resolve all of life's many challenges and help you to be as happy as possible with the choices that you make. Julia has successfully, with her Guides' help, assisted her clients in regaining positive and life enhancing perspective in
every situation. Julia's field of expertise and is enabling you to identify.
Frequent guidance and an understanding of how exactly to work with the divine unseen is needed to resolve the challenges and struggles that faces us all in this school called life. Clients may also ask for help in identifying and prioritizing a path so that they may, with my psychic
assistance, develop a cohesive plan for their personal and spiritual growth. Julia has been called to use her God-given psychic abilities to provide life guidance and to enable people from all walks of life to identify and remove those blockages that prevent them
from living their best lives. These abilities have clearly and accurately demonstrated to her clients that, along with Julia's direct connection to God, people are capable of not only fixing problems, but of re-creating their very lives. Through her, the divine assists you to identify your
core issues so that you can resolve exactly what it is that prevents you from living in love, peace, joy, health and happiness.
Some clients are seeking general information that is relevant to their current situations. At other times, though, sitters are looking for help in trying to resolve recurring situations and to identify blockages that may be preventing them from moving forward. Connection with a loved one who has passed into Spirit is sometimes all that is needed to give closure to those loved ones who remain here on the earth.