Oshawa Psychics Services

Oshawa Psychics can tap into any situation that you may be going through. Whether it is love, marriage, career, romance, destiny, family issues, bad addictions, bad luck, evil eye, negative influences, and so much more. 

You can trust Oshawa Psychics with the most difficult problems in your life. Our knowledge has amazed others; now let us amaze you with our psychic astrology consultation. It can help you realize your highest potential, make the best decisions and reach the promise of your true destiny!

Our Services Include:

  • Palm Readings
  • Tarot Card Readings 
  • Crystal Ball Readings
  • Love and Relationship / Twin Flame Readings
  • Water Readings
  • Full Life Psychic Readings
  • Dream Analysis
  • Pyramid and Sand Reading
  • Spiritual Chakra Cleansing and Realignment

Psychic House Parties

Oshawa Psychics offers house party services. A gathering of your friends or family for a psychic reading is always insightful and rewarding experience for all. Readings can range from 15 to 30 min or be extended up to 45 minutes in length. The structure of each event varies depending on the groups requirements. There is a minimum attendance of 7 or more people.

House Blessings

The power of prayer can and has provided miracles to many who have put their requests before God. Oshawa Psychics has personally witnessed miracles from prayer especially in numbers. Oshawa Psychics offers this space for you to submit requests. All requests will be held in confidence. They will be prayed for daily, for a period of 21 days. We schedule a date and time as I come in with my materials and bless an object and the house.